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Bankruptcy law allows a debtor, who is unable to pay his creditors, to resolve his debts through the division of his assets among his creditors. Bankruptcy is a proceeding in a federal court in which an insolvent debtor's assets are liquidated and the debtor is relieved of further liability.

Bankruptcy is public record and will be reflected on your credit report. Filing bankruptcy also stays with you for up to 10 years and you will have difficulty getting any type of loan.

Bankruptcy can cost you thousands in legal fees. Before considering bankruptcy one needs to fully understand the process and the laws surrounding bankruptcy.

The most significant changes in the new bankruptcy laws is to force people into chapter 13 bankruptcy, instead of chapter 7 bankruptcy. Chapter 7 deals with liquidation, while Chapter 13 deals with reorganization.

There are other alternatives to bankruptcy and you can avoid bankruptcy with the help of financial expert. One of the option can be debt settlement of Debt Management.

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